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Credit Card

Another great feature that makes New Orleans Carriage Cab Company a first class taxi provider set for the future is the mobile data terminals carried by each and every one of our drivers. This makes paying for your cab simple, quick and coin free. 

There is no longer a need to have that loose change in your pocket when you step into any one of our pristine vehicles throughout the fleet as you can be assured that credit cards are accepted as a form of payment, another example of our vision - perfection. We know not everyone has change in their pocket, or feels safe walking the streets with notes and for this reason we have eliminated the need.

Also, we all know that taxis can differ in price depending on the distance, traffic, weather and many other factors therefore being assured that no matter what the cost is covered with your credit card can set you at ease and avoid the clock watching to spoil the comfort of our cabs.

As well as credit cards New Orleans Carriage Cab offers a 'Smart Card' payment option for approved companies and individuals, making payment even easier. Simply pass this to the driver on your exit from the vehicle and have the payment placed onto the smart card for payment at a later date

We don´t only provide a first class taxi with a first class service, we offer a variety of payments to our clients to make sure that we can meet and exceed your needs and expectations every time.