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About Our Taxis

Top performers deserve a top performing taxi service - New Orleans Carriage Cab.

You'll ride in a distinctive maroon stretch Ford Crown Victoria, part of our growing fleet of roomy new taxis. Every vehicle is carefully maintained and thoroughly cleaned at our new headquarters on 3125 Tulane Ave. Our luxurious and spacious new fleet guarantees you the finest first-class service with every ride.

Ford Motor Company awarded us exclusive rights to their stretch version of the classic Ford Crown Victoria. One Ford executive proudly describes a ride with New Orleans Carriage Cab:

"After all your hard work, a smooth ride at last." 

"After all your hand work,
                 a smooth ride at last"

More about New Orleans Carriage Cab taxis:

  • Six more inches of passenger leg room than in standard taxis
  • Luxury leather seating means comfort and cleanliness
  • Passenger-operated rear climate control makes every CCC taxi a true retreat
  • Mobile data terminals in each taxi permit secure and easy payment by standard credit card or Smart Card - a credit service for approved companies or individuals. Our Smart Card service means quick payments and secure online records of all transactions.
  • Touch screen computer closely links driver to dispatch office via satellite (GPS)
  • Exclusive passenger color screen displays trip information and local updates
  • Exceptional stereo system treats passengers to soothing sounds
  • Plexiglas divider offers privacy between front and rear seats