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New Orleans Carriage Cab Standards

Q: "Does a ride in your cabs cost more?" 
A: "Not a penny more. Our taxis are superior, our rates are standard."
New Orleans Carriage Cab's customized maroon stretch Ford Crown Victorias look and ride so much better than conventional taxis, customers constantly are amazed that we charge standard taxi rates for such superior service. 

Q: "How can you offer limousine comfort at taxicab prices?"
A: "A new fleet runs more efficiently, requiring fewer costly repairs."
Founder Simon Garber's experience at the helm of successful taxi fleets in Chicago, New York City and Moscow convinced him that rotating brand new taxis out of service every 36 months lowers maintenance and financing costs while assuring customer comfort and satisfaction. The success of New Orleans Carriage Cab is proving him right. Step into our taxis and see for yourself how luxury, convenience and adherence to high standards of driver courtesy and interior cleanliness add up to the best taxi ride in New Orleans. 

Q: "How does rapidly changing technology affect the taxi industry?"
A: "It inspires us to continually tap into technology to benefit our customers."
Our company embraces old-fashioned values - cleanliness, courtesy and respect for our drivers. We also tap into every technological advance that can benefit our customers. Every taxi is equipped with a mobile data terminal that connects drivers to our central dispatch base. Passengers can pay by credit card, Smart Card, vouchers or prepaid travel cards. Our "Smart Terminals" enable drivers to access directions and other handy real-time data. Rear seat LCD screens display trip route and local information.

State-of-the-Art Billing Services
Prepaid travel cards. Standard credit cards. Smart Card credit accounts. Enjoy quick, secure payments and easy-to-read online records (paper-free). View invoices and vouchers online, anytime. Streamlined billing, accurate records, executive ease: these are added benefits of choosing New Orleans Carriage Cab.